Young Artisans (4-6)

Young Artisans – Mommy/Daddy and Me (3-4)

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Does your child need a fun, supportive, and educational activity?

Young children are curious and active – and they sometimes have difficulty learning to control their bodies and their behavior. They crave structure and thrive in an environment that is supportive, educational, and fun.

Does your child have any of these challenges?

They struggle to maintain control of their movements and may be unintentionally destructive.

They find it difficult to focus on a task or to see it through to the end.

They have a hard time sharing their belongings and getting along with other kids.

Parenting young children is a real challenge.

You must balance their natural inquisitiveness and high energy with trying to teach them the basics they need for school in life.

Discipline sharing and self-control are all things they need to learn to be successful.

The ideal setting is one that’s got some structure but works with kids at their current developmental level. If they have fun while they’re learning, they’ll be more likely to retain those lessons and learn the skills they need.

Results and Growth with Every Class!

Studying martial arts is ideal for young children. It provides them with an outlet for their energy. But, it also teaches them about respect, discipline, and other core values that will go with them beyond the dojo. Junior martial arts classes teach kids to control their movements and behavior, and they’ll learn social skills and interaction at the same time.

Studying martial arts builds physical coordination and control

Young children who learn martial arts find out quickly that each movement must be intentional. They learn to control their movements to the best of their ability.

They also practice hand eye coordination and learn about their bodies. That means they are less likely to be unintentionally destructive.

Young Martial Arts students learn how to focus

Getting young kids to pay attention can feel like an impossible task. The structure of our martial arts classes, with full parent participation shows kids the importance of focus and teaches them by having them apply it to easily achievable tasks.

The focus they learn at school at our school is something they’ll take home – and into the classroom. That’s why kids who study martial arts tend to be good students, too.

Martial arts helps kids learn to deal with frustration

Martial arts instruction require students to pursue goals to earn new belts young kids can easily become frustrated when they don’t get what they want but studying martial arts helps them learn the power of persistence.

The physical activity in our classes, with parents as their coach and support, also helps kids manage stress and anxiety by allowing them to burn it off in a safe and constructive way.

Kids who Study martial arts learn good sportsmanship

Losing is not anybody’s idea of fun, but we all need to learn how to accept a defeat gracefully and move on. We teach students that losing is a part of life – and it’s what you do after you lose that tells people who you are.

Even though Martial Arts is an individual activity, we cultivate an environment of supportive teamwork where students route for one another.

Tuition Plans

1 Class Per Week – $119 Monthly
2 Classes Per Week – $169 Monthly

Class Times

4:30p – Mondays & Wednesdays
9:30a – Saturdays
4:30p – Tuesdays – Mommy/Daddy & Me