Kempo Karate

Our Kempo Karate program is broken up into 3 age-appropriate curriculums.  All classes meet twice per week.

  • Youngling Kempo – for students 6 and 7 years of age. This program is designed to work on focus, balance, coordination, and other life skills necessary for a young child’s development.
  • Youth Kempo – for students ages 8 to 12 years.  This program is year-based and is designed to guide the student through our base curriculum. Along with our life skill program, focus on age-appropriate self-defense and de-escalation techniques.
  • Teen & Adult Kempo – for students 13 years old and up.  These students all train together as if it was a “traditional” class.  This program still follows the base curriculum and includes age-appropriate self-defense and de-escalation techniques.

The style of martial art we study is based on Okinawan Kempo. It incorporates strikes, joint-locks, and pressure points. This style is extensively kata-based, having most of our techniques and applications come straight out of the kata we study. Our focus is self awareness and self defense, not sport.

Just like our art, our curriculum is based around kata, which are choreographed patterns of self-defense movements.  The kata is taught in small sections with the self-defense taught along side, in addition to pressure points which help enhance the techniques.  As a student progresses in rank, they are encouraged to interpret the moves in kata to develop their own self-defense applications. This helps students think for themselves allowing them to make the kata and style their own.

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