Rory Miller Principles Course

Rory Miller, author of Mediations on Violence and Facing Violence, will be teaching a series of 5 classes on Principles. This course will be taught over the 5 Sundays of the month of June 2024. This is offered as a full course or by class, however, if you are going to attend a single class or only a few, the first class is mandatory.

  • Principles are the rules of physics or geometry that make everything else work. 
  • Principles apply to striking, grappling, and weapons and there are no exceptions.
  • Leverage, for example, is critical to all three, and good leverage is always superior to poor leverage. 
  • Principles will help you understand why techniques work or why the fail.
  • If you don’t truly understand principles, you don’t understand your own system.

$250.00 Entire Course / $75.00 Per-Class Fee

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The Principles class leveled me up as an instructor.

Randy King, founder of 80:20 Conflict Management,
         International Self-Defense Instructor

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