The Neck Pinch


The Vulcan Neck/Nerve Pinch has been joked about and played with over the years, but how to do it is now here.  Science fiction has been turned into reality as Sensei Mish teaches how to do the neck pinch from 4 different positions and covers the pressure points involved.



On September 8, 1966 Gene Roddenberry introduced the world to Star Trek, a TV show that is now celebrating its 55th anniversary, including 9 series, with over 750 episodes and 13 movies. It has influenced our culture and our technology with many of its futuristic gadgets becoming common place items in contemporary times.

One of the things Star Trek popularized was the Vulcan Neck Pinch. As a major Star Trek fan and martial artist, this is something Sensei Mish has been researching for a while, and has now brought to life through using the martial science of Kyusho-Jitsu.

Not only does he cover the history of how the neck pinch came into existence, and its use within the franchise, but he also covers the specific pressure points used and 4 easy techniques most any one can do.

Using this book, you too can perform a neck pinch.