Modular Light Saber (10+)

Classes Begin Saturday, May 11th

Do you or your child need a fun science fiction activity based on a real martial art?

We have taken the Modular Knife system and modified it for the light saber. This allows a fun way to have a light saber battle and have it look and feel choreographed.

Do you or your child have any of these challenges?

Struggle to agree on what is considered canon within the Star Wars universe.

Find it difficult to focus on which Star Wars movie is the best.

Have a hard time finding other people to have light saber battles with.

Light Saber battles can be a challenge.

Modular Light Saber has four drills called modules that fit together at decision points where students learn how to control the chaos of light saber battles.

Modules have common threads that connect them together called decision points. Decisions points allow for unique saber play

Modules are taught individually, and are easy to learn. We have also designed a form based on the modules.

Tuition Plans

1 Class Per Week – $119 Monthly

Class Times

11:45a – Saturdays