New students get their first month for only $99.

There are two ways to begin your training…

  1. Try us out for 10 days (Learn More HERE)
  2. Jump in with both feet at $99 for your first month (Register Today)

Regardless of how you begin, your first month is just $99!

Membership to the school works on a monthly subscription basis. Your first month will be $99, each of the following months will be $159.00. And like most subscriptions, you can cancel at any time.

We offer a clean, friendly training environment

  • 2 Classes Per Week
  • Free School Shirt/Uniform
  • No Promotion Fees
  • 15 Minute Complimentary Private Lessons
  • Discounts on School Functions

How Classes Work

  • Once registered, unless students have had previous martial arts experience, and have discussed and transition plan with our chief instructor, everyone starts in our Foundation Program (beginner class).
  • After a student has completed the Foundation Program, they will move into regular classes. Our Youth Classes are divided up into years, while Teens and Adults move into our traditionally based class.
  • Our Youth classes are broken down into trimesters.  Each trimester is organized by three months of skills training and then a month of review.
  • Our Teen & Adult classes are a learn at your own pace.
  • Our Kempo program uses pretty much the same curriculum for both the Youth and Teen & Adult classes, however, the self-defense is tailored to be more age-appropriate depending on which classes the student is enrolled.

What To Do Next