10 Days For $10 – Introductory Program

Breaking away from the industry standard of offering 1 free introductory lesson so you can try us out, we are offering for you to try us out for 10 days.  One free class does neither of us any good, you don’t get a real chance to know who the instructor is or how they teach, and in turn, the instructor doesn’t get a chance to get to know you or understand how you learn. However, if we stretch that over ten days, it helps us build a better teacher and student relationship.

How It Works

  • For the period of 10 calendar days, you as the student, have the chance to attend as many age appropriate classes as possible. For example, your first class might be on a Monday, you can take as many age appropriate classes until the following Wednesday.
  • During this time it will give you an idea if the material we teach is something you want to continue learning, and if you are the parent, will give you the idea of how our instructors interact with your child and if your child enjoys learning.
  • Regardless of when you sign up, your 10 days begin the first class you attend.
  • After the 10 days are up, if you would like to continue and become a full-time student, you would then sign up for a regular membership.  If you do not, there is no obligation, you are always welcome back.
  • If you choose to move into a regular membership prior to the end of your 10 days, we will take $10 off your first month of training.

Do you have any further questions? Call or Text me at 360.333.6793